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Sustainability, fair trade, refugees, climate, oceans, clean water, Indigenous business and more. Lend to businesses that are doing good, so they can do more good, and earn a return. Access vetted deals on a safe and secure platform. Every investment helps achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

How it works

LendForGood enables anyone to easily lend capital to support enterprises that solve social and environmental challenges. Every deal is endorsed by our vetted partners.

Step One

Working with one of our approved partners the enterprise lists a loan on LendForGood. They tell you what capital they need, how it will help their business to grow and achieve their impact goals.

Step Two

Members choose to support deals where they support the business, the terms and the impact.

Step Three

Enterprises pursue their business opportunity and associated impact goals, and repay lenders an agreed amount at an agreed date.

Step Four

Collectively we unlock the power of the Impact business movement to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Early Access Impact Loans

Ehu Motors


Benin Electric Shift

Beacon Laundry


Beacon Laundry: a Planet and People-first Laundry

Tun Yat


BREAD – Part Two (Building Resilience and Empowerment for Agricultural Development)

Cambodia Knits

$33,300 LOAN - CLOSED 12/6

Formal employment for home based artisans in Cambodia


$48,500 LOAN - CLOSED 27/5

Recycling plastic waste into building materials in Indonesia

Danish Care Foods

$47,617 LOAN - CLOSED 16/3

Scaling innovative wafer snacks to overcome malnutrition in young children across Cambodia.

Glean Asia

$60,900 LOAN - CLOSED 8/2

Expanding digital education for Cambodian Youth

Native Botanical Brewery

$80,500 LOAN - CLOSED 1/2

Native Botanical Brewery Scale Up Funding

Edom Nutritional Solutions

$41,700 LOAN - CLOSED 20/12

Scaling nutritional porridge to overcome malnutrition in young children in Kenya

Eco Tribe

$50,000 LOAN - CLOSED 18/12

EcoTribe Waste Collection & Recycling, Zambia​

Tun Yat

$46,700 LOAN - CLOSED 5/12

BREAD (Building Resilience and Empowerment for Agricultural Development)

Perfect Fit

$80,000 LOAN - CLOSED 26/9

Transforming Menstrual Health In Indonesia. 

Green Indonesia Initiative

$70,000 LOAN - CLOSED 26/9

Forest Regeneration and Crop Project for Abang Mountain Community in Bali

Linbro Gardens

$5,930 LOAN - CLOSED 13/9

Pioneering Sustainable Communities in Johannesburg.


$25,000 LOAN - CLOSED 19/6

Scaling Waste Management Services in Tanzania.

Danish Care Foods

$20,000 LOAN - CLOSED 9/6

Innovative wafer snacks to overcome malnutrition in young children in Cambodia.


$137,750 LOAN - CLOSED 12/4

Accelerating Arms Reduction Technology Solutions.

ATEC* International

$135,650 LOAN - CLOSED 15/4

Solving clean cooking & climate change through ATEC’s paygo IoT eCook stoves.


$25,000 LOAN - CLOSED 21/12

Accelerating the Improvement of Waste Management in Tanzania.

Glean Asia

$30,000 LOAN - CLOSED 17/11

Bridging capital for EduTech program delivery across Cambodia.

Sarvaguna Foods & Kitchen

$90,000 LOAN - CLOSED 15/11

Making School Meals Healthy and Inclusive in Pokhara, Nepal.

Eco Tribe

$50,000 LOAN - CLOSED 17/11

Plastic waste recycling and processing, Zambia.


$129,000 LOAN - CLOSED 11/10

Empowering the impact organisations of tomorrow by amplifying evidence of impact today.


$50,000 LOAN - CLOSED 19/09

émotions further growth, more impact.

EP Capital

$51,000 LOAN - CLOSED 15/08

Micro-financing for the SMEs & Individuals in Narok, Kenya with EP Capital.


$35,000 LOAN - CLOSED 21/06

Working capital to grow émotions.


$50,000 RAISED - CLOSED 17/5

Improving waste management in Tanzania.

ADC Activewear

$12,000 RAISED - CLOSED 4/5

Provide growth and scale focused working capital for ADC.

Cricket House

$70,000 LOAN - CLOSED 14/3

Connecting Cambodian cricket farmers to global markets.

EP Capital

$121,750 LOAN - CLOSED 11/2

Micro-financing for the SMEs & Individuals in Narok, Kenya with EP Capital.

ATEC* International

$120,800 LOAN - CLOSED 14/1

Solve clean cooking & climate change through ATEC* paygo clean cooking.

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