A Partnership-Driven Model to Fuel Impact Business Growth

LendForGood exists to democratize impact investment in order to help impact businesses grow. If you currently work with, invest in, or run programs for impact businesses and social enterprises, we would love to partner with you to provide a new pathway to the capital they need to grow. Through our crowdlending platform, LendForGood links growth-ready impact enterprises, vetted and endorsed by one of our partner intermediaries, with individuals and institutions looking to invest in such businesses.

We partner with local ecosystem builders, investors and intermediaries to help them better leverage their expertise, capital and connections to generate community capital for the impact businesses they work with. Most importantly, every deal on LendForGood is endorsed and listed by one of our Intermediary Partners. This page described how this partnership works.

We also work with Impact Partners to cultivate the impact ecosystem you care about, with leading lenders to grow the pipeline of investible enterprises and with distribution partners who share relevant community investment opportunities.

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Current Intermediary Partners

Benefits of using LendForGood

  • Avoid the busywork of putting together syndicated loans – LendForGood manages all contracting and payment flows so you can focus on what you do best, finding and enabling impact businesses
  • Build awareness and customer passion and co-ownership for the impact business raising the funds, and with it increased momentum
  • Build your own investor community ready to follow you into deals – members can get an alert each time you list a deal
  • Activate a local investor pool around local enterprises and initiatives
  • And access a global lender community inspired by the impact being created.

Types of Intermediaries we work with

Impact Investors as Intermediaries

These organizations are already conducting due diligence and investing funds into impact.

Benefits for Impact Investors of bringing deals to LendForGood:

  • More easily syndicate your deals, which allows you to share risk or extend beyond your own
  • Raise your profile and build a community of co-investors ready to follow you into deals based on your track record and impact focus
  • Help the enterprise you are investing in to build their brand and community – making

Current partners: Social Enterprise Finance Australia, ycapital, Zebras Unite Capital

Accelerator Programs as Intermediaries

These are programs that work with cohorts of impact businesses, helping them get ready to raise investment and grow.

Benefits for Accelerator Programs of endorsing your startups on LendForGood:

  • Access a global investor pool
  • Build a community of investors following your deals, who get an alert each time one of your ventures launches a deal
  • Help your companies succeed, especially where there is insufficient VC funds in your ecosystem for your graduating startups
  • Grow Your Brand- attracting the next group of group founders.

Current partner Examples: Social Impact Hub, Accelerating Asia

Service Providers and Enablers as Intermediaries

These individuals and companies already do due diligence and investment support for either enterprises or investors, making capital introductions and giving advisory support.

Benefits of supporting social enterprise clients to bring deals to LendForGood:

  • You can design terms that are appropriate for the enterprise rather than only being able to work with enterprises that satisfy the needs of traditional investors
  • This then allows you to work with a wider range of enterprises, with a new capital pathway to offer them
  • Build a dedicated community of cause-aligned lenders who grow confident in your selections based on your track record
  • More easily raise funds from a local community for local enterprises and/or access a global investor pool

Current partner Examples: Red Hat Impact, Social Impact Hub, Worthwhile Ventures, Profit and Purpose, Bluetongue Cooperative

Ready to join us to fuel impact enterprises as they solve social and environmental challenges globally? Get in touch at [email protected]