Rooy Impact Loan

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$129,000 RAISED

Empowering the impact organisations of tomorrow by amplifying evidence of impact today.

Rooy is a purpose-driven consultancy that aims to create an impact sector that is effective, inspiring and resilient. We believe that data, technology and expert support empowers impact organisations to share and grow their impact – so we offer non-profits, social enterprises, foundations and institutions an end-to end impact measurement solution that gives them the reporting, communication and decision making tools they need to secure funding and grow their impact.

Australia’s impact sector is vulnerable, and there is a growing need for impact measurement to demonstrate outcomes to funders and make better decisions. This need is ever-increasing, and in turn presents exciting and attractive opportunities for Rooy’s growth in the space. Our success to
date – and the resulting success of our clients – has fuelled the need to enhance our financial position so that we can scale our impact, expand our services, and secure a growing number of opportunities, while keeping our mission and strategy at the core.

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12 months

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